This is the true story how one person made a difference in the lives of over 125 people by rescuing them from Nazi Germany.

In 1903 Herman Stern arrived in America at the age of 15. He could not have imagined, 30 years later, he would be helping others come to America to escape persecution from his home country of Germany.

There has been very little written about Herman Stern and his goal to save relatives, extended family and even strangers from possible death and persecution in the 1930’s in Nazi Germany. This project focuses on Herman Stern’s leadership skills and desire to help all in society as well as his civic and economic contributions to North Dakota.

Video Arts Studios has produced an award winning video documentary as well as an accompanying lesson plan for schools, which have been distributed electronically to North Dakota schools via the ND University Systems. The video has also been made available to North Dakota libraries, museums and service organizations.

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